Top #Selfies of the Week: Infinite Dick Top #Selfies of the Week: Infinite Dick

Infinity plus one is still infinity. So here we are at the world of infinite dick. These 6 have pushed it over the edge. The tipping point at which there are more dicks online than there are humans in the universe. But have we reached dick saturation? Speaking for myself, and my own dick hunger, nope.

It's always time for more dick. Such as during wedding vows. That's a great time for dick. If anyone has any objections to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace. That's a great time for dick. To work dick into one's wedding vows. Commit to dick.

I'm going to harp on my personal fetish. Fully dressed guy with dick sticking out of his fly. Always a win. Well, depends on the guy, but when it's right, it's right. I'll take it over fully nude any day. And not just because I have a side business getting hard dick precum stains out of pants. 

Because that's the risk you take whipping your dick out your fly. Thus dark pants are the way to go generally. If you're exposing yourself. 

If this is all coming off a bit random, know that I'm multitasking right now, dialing every possible number until I can find these guys. That's a lot of numbers. I haven't even considered that some of these guys may be from France. And I don't even know if there are phones in France. That will make it harder to call them.

I just know that the more selfies I look at, the greater chance there is that my future husband will have been one of the selfie guys I saw. Like, at least a 0.000000000001% chance now. Things are looking up!

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