Top #Selfies of the Week: Hunky Naked Guys Top #Selfies of the Week: Hunky Naked Guys

Don't you want to order up some hunky naked guys? Amazon doesn't yet sell that so you'll have to get creative. As there is no Amazon PrimeHunkyNakedGuys app (yet). 

Now the selfies these guys take are way more interesting than the selfies the inanimate objects Amazon sells would take. Although a hand mirror's self-portrait could be philosophically interesting. And a dildo's would be philosophically depraved.

This is one of those groups of guys where I can say confidently I want all six. Not at the same time as that's just too much. Unless I had a bunch of training time leading up to it and some personal sex coach. 

Though the personal sex coach would make the total seven .And then I'd need another coach just to help me train for being with seven guys at once, but that coach would have to be hot so that makes eight. And eight is hard to take at once. Men and inches.

So one at a time will have to do. Or, since I don't know who the hell these guys are and they don't know me, zero at a time will I expect prove to be a manageable number.

Though if all of them want to have a circle jerk on top of me, I'm up for it. Just need a warm towel after to wipe off my tears as I'll be mourning that's the circle jerk is over. Definitely get me a card for that. Amazon probably sells one. They have (most) everything. Just not luxuriantly sexual live men. 

For that, I may need to look in the mirror. ;)

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