Top #Selfies of the Week: Hardbodies Top #Selfies of the Week: Hardbodies

Someone seriously needs to figure out a way to combine jerking off with working out. And I don't just mean wearing skimpy jogging shorts and whipping your dick out in a park men's room. Though do totally do that next time you have the chance.

Here are a few ways to combine the noble pursuits of fitness and jacking off:

  • One-handed pushups. Guess what you'll be doing with the other hand.
  • Squatting on a dildo. Up and down and up and down and squirt.
  • Doing crunches while flicking your nips.
  • Mounting a Fleshlight in a sneaker and humping it 1,000 times.
  • Rubbing your cock through your gym shorts between sets. Best done at a gym that's at least 51% homosexually populated.
  • Yoga. The kind geared to self-sucking. Which is all yoga.
  • Naked soccer.
  • Naked football.
  • Naked short track speed skating.
  • Really any naked sport where you don't care if you win or not because your hand will be on your cock so you turn the whole thing into a jerk fest.

Or just do a workout then go home and jerk off. Or jerk off then go do a workout. But at minimum, stare at yourself in the gym mirror and stare at all the hardbodies you want. It's why guys join the gym, right? Plus it's the New Year and there's a whole new crop of guys joining the gym. Newsflash: they all have cocks. Have at it!

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