Top #Selfies of the Week: Get to Know This Guy Top #Selfies of the Week: Get to Know This Guy

Let's get to know this guy by asking him several intensely personal questions. Guys love to talk about themselves so it should be no trouble to get deep inside his psyche. I'm really good at one-way conversations so I'll take it from here.

Hi, great smile! How's your night going?

That well? Awesome. It's really warm so you took your clothes off, you say? Then you were cold so you thought a camera flash would keep you warm, and it did, but only for a millisecond you had to use the flash again? Makes sense to me!

Oh, and then you were still cold, so you thought the slight flush of embarrassment you would feel after sharing full face and naked pics online to the starving homosexual massages yearning to breathe penis would keep you warm?

Another amazing idea on your part. You must have a Ph.D. in sexy times. And a Masters degree in the gym.

I suppose it's possible the full face pic isn't exactly a match for the other pics but nobody would go through that trouble to "frame" some other really similar looking guy for successfully, extremely desirable nudity. That's a body someone, as in you, would surely want to attach a face too.

So what's your dick doing tonight? Anything special? Like me? I'm special and want to spend time with you and your lack of pants. 

Yes, that is a creepy thing for me to say. But I'm only about 15% creepy an that's just the right percent. Don't ask what the rest is. This is about you.

How did I get your number? You don't want to know. See you soon, stud!

No, I can't tell you exactly where or when as you might not show up. Love you, mean it, byieeee.

What's that? You're right, I have no idea what your name is. I don't plan on asking actually because it's obviously Brent. I've been around long enough to know it's Brent. We'll have lots of fun together, Brent. I promise.

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