Top #Selfies of the Week: Everyday Dick Top #Selfies of the Week: Everyday Dick

Everyday guys with ever day dick  I hate the word lifestyle when it comes to gay stuff, as it’s identity not lifestyle. And yet, I would not mind a lifestyle involving dick every day. Dick for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus on weekends, dick for brunch, which is where the word brick came from. Trust me. I know my homosexual etymology.

It’s like commercial fashion vs. couture. Everyday dick vs. seasonal. Though when people used to have nervous yet somehow carefree sex in parks, that was somewhat seasonal. After all, you can’t slide your dick out the leg of your jogging shorts if it’s not jogging shorts weather. If you’re outside anyhow. Unless you're into shivering. Or live in Florida.

People do still have sex in parks of course. But ever since gay baiting law enforcement got savvy to’s public sex listings (since cut), parks included things have been going downhill. Not that I have any firsthand knowledge. Just that knowledge of public sex locations was supposed to be verbally and experientially imparted.

So consider these selfies about the same as a flash in a park. Minus the opportunity to provide a greedy blowjob. I mean you can but sucking air just isn’t the same. 

Let us know focus on the thick, curved cock situation with that one fella. Personally, I would welcome, “Hey, nice to meet you. My name is Adam and I have a thick, curved cock.” as top 10 among intros.

I’m not quite used to slick intros anymore. Someone smiled at me today as I was walking by and I couldn’t tell if they were actually looking at me, or just reacting to something on their phone, as in looking for someone to share the joke of whatever they saw. 

My response was no response. Next time, I’ll just turn around and say “My name is Adam and I have a…” or something like that. I know at least one person that would work on. Oh fuck, that one person is me. Well maybe the guy would be the second.

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