Top #Selfies of the Week: Dream Bodies Top #Selfies of the Week: Dream Bodies

Hey, don't you want the guy you're with to have your idea of a dream body? Like you see him with clothes on, and are hoping when you unwrap the present that is him, that you won't want to return him.

For some a dream body is a big, old bear. I don't mean big ol' I mean old as in actually old. And for others a dream body is not caring about the guy's body but just wanting to play with his used underwear. So that's sort of a negative space situation. Clothes without the body. 

Attraction is complicated.

It gets super tricky though because you might see a guy fully dressed at first and not really have a major clue as to what's underneath. Especially if you live in Siberia, which is a tad chilly. Not a lot of tank tops and side split running shorts in that region. Except in the local gym if you're lucky.

You might fall for a guy's smile, his eyes, his lips, his ears (yes some people have cute ears I swear, I saw a pair today). And yes, you might fall for his, gasp, personality. All without seeing his body in all its nudity.

So, I'm not personally into sex right away, but I think nudity is pretty darn important early on. Some sort of inspection seems about right. Otherwise, just leave it a surprise. Plus maybe being more attracted to someone as a person is tied to more attraction to their body, whatever that body may be. That's true for me anyhow. But still, there needs to be a body that's generally attractive to start.

So, I think take your selfies now. As I'll be asking for nude pics on your first date. You can text them to me and I'll walk out or keep talking to you. Yeah, send yours first. Why would I give nude pics to someone I just met? I'm not a lunatic! Or mostly not.

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