Top #Selfies of the Week: Dick Math Top #Selfies of the Week: Dick Math

So Einstein was right about the existence of gravitational waves, it was recently proven. How can we prove my theory that there is a variable point at which the attractive of a guy's dick/body/face will compensate for what normally would be deal breakers. 

Like is a sense of humor important to you in a guy you're dating? How about if his dick were 10" long? Because he can put a clown nose on that thing and call it a day. You may not be laughing but you will sure as hell take the clown hose off and take care of business.

So is that DS > 10 = -DB? As in dick size greater than 10 equals negative deal breaker?

Or if a guy showing up on time is super critical to you. Is the number of minutes he's allowed to show up late before super pissing you off equivalent to the size of his flexed bicep times the square root of his balls plus the length of his tongue?

LA x 3600 - BC + oh geez I don't know how to type square root of balls but you get it.

Of course we shouldn't have to settle for anything but it's also true that having a giant list of deal breakers is not a demonstrable way to be happy. Some may have been based on past experiences. Or guesses. Maybe you don't need someone who makes you laugh so much as someone who gets your sense of humor. Maybe you don't need someone who has a 10" cock but rather humps your face with whatever he does have. 

And if he wants to give you that full oral stretch sensation he can shove some fingers in alongside his dick. Or a dildo. Or the dick of a mutual friend. Or the dildo of a mutual friend whose definition of friendship extends to lending out dildos.

Listen to your gut about what really is the most important to you in a match. It may not be what you've always thought. Maybe you're a bit afraid of really finding that special guy, opening up to that experience whoever he is.

My list is very short. He needs to be the guy on the top right. That's all I ask. 1 + 1 equals something special. Math is awesome.

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