Top #Selfies of the Week: Dick, Dick and Also Dick Top #Selfies of the Week: Dick, Dick and Also Dick

The best thing to do after looking at dick is to look at more dick. And then follow it up with dick and then some dick. Also dick. Plus dick. At some point, eat a sandwich as it takes a lot of energy to look at dick.

Then throw in some night dick to close out your day. And set your alarm to wake up early so you can look at more dick and if you're in bed with a guy then look at his dick too.

Apparently, these guys got the "Look At Dick" memo sent on my "Look At Dick" stationery and written by hand with a magic marker. Because dick is magic. The dicks they had handy were their own (and in one case, a buddy too). And another set of selfies are born and leave the nest to make their way in the world.

This is when I realize that at some point, I'll see a selfie of someone I know personally, like Vice President Biden. Just kidding! While I do know him, he's not allowed access to the internet so can't post a selfie. He used to be able to get on the internet but there were some incidents where he got flirty, allegedly. Not cute!

Now, I have seen naked pics of guys that I've seen in person, but these guys aren't more than acquaintances. No, I don't mean hookers. Because if I were going to go to a hooker, the last thing I'd want to do is see him naked. I'd be one of those clients that is just looking for conversation, maybe a game of Scrabble, or a nice dinner out at Chipotle. Or (and this is crazy) all three!

Seriously, there's about four feet of dick we're looking at here. If all the dick in all the selfies in all the world were laid end to end, it could circle the Earth at least three times. Five if it didn't keep taking detours to the bathhouse.

P.S. The guy at the top left looks to be this hypnotic and semi-coy muscle daddy clean shaven. Finally his chin and dick are revealed!

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