Top #Selfies of the Week: Darius Ferdynand and Some Other Guys Top #Selfies of the Week: Darius Ferdynand and Some Other Guys

It's pro vs. amateur in selfieland. The muscularly buxom Darius Ferdynand faces (and dicks) off with some amateur show-offs. Everyone wins.

He's the fella at top left. Why does he even need to take selfies since he's nude everywhere? Though I suppose he doesn't have a film crew in his bathroom. Though he could if he wanted.  A volunteer one made of guys with fake cameras (like the fake TVs at IKEA) but real boners (like the real boners at IKEA). They have awesome restroom action!

Well maybe they don't, but if I start the rumor, maybe they will eventually have glory holes. Though they'd be named something umlaut-y like GLÖRI HÜLLS. This from a company that sold a computer desk named JERKR.

The amateurs here hold up quite nicely though. Porn stars don't have the corner on the big dick, tight body market. And there's something down home wonderful about a guy who doesn't charge. Which reminds me, can I retroactively charge my exes for having seen me naked? I figure that was worth at least a quarter at the time. Which, thanks to inflation, would now be worth a hundred grand. Which is about what Darius Ferdynand's body should be insured for. Don't believe me?

See much more of Darius Ferdynand now! and decide for yourself. Plus consider that subscribing to a site he's on will help pay for his gym membership. He goes to separate gyms for each body part. One just for his ass had to add another floor due to his extreme bubble butt situation. Accommodating members is very important. I quite enjoy accommodating members, don't you?

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