Top #Selfies of the Week: Damn Hot Guys Top #Selfies of the Week: Damn Hot Guys

So many men. So many ways to take a selfie. So many reasons to jerk off to them.

You got your camera between the thighs selfie. Perfect when you need to get your cock, balls and asshole all in frame. It's a really practical use of pixels. So if there's ever a global pixel shortage, this is the way to go. Angle it right and you can even get your face in frame.

Then there's the pure dick p.o.v. selfie. These often make it difficult to ascertain scale. Depending on the angle, the cock may end up looking as big as a car. And while it may not actually be as big as a car, it might feel that way when it's super hard. When dick takes over, it's huge. Metaphorically if not actually.

Bulging, tight underwear is always a win for selfies. Just fucking awesome. And a very good tool to convince me to do laundry. Not that I need convincing.

Then the freshly-cummed dick selfie is a relative rarity. The urge to selfie sometimes can dissipate after ejaculation, so a post-cum selfie shows true commitment to exposure. And then full circle to the basic floppy dick out of underwear selfie. Sometimes that underwear needs a break from holding big cock. Wouldn't want the undies to spontaneously shred from that pressure. Got to pull those undies down!

So as far as hot selfies go, there are no limits. Well, maybe don't take one while on board the Space Shuttle. Not if relative anonymity is a concern.

P.S. Did you catch Damien Gunn taking selfies while being videod? That's like double exposed. Makes sense for a double-sized dick.

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