Top #Selfies of the Week: Cock Tease Top #Selfies of the Week: Cock Tease

Cock tease guys get a bad rap. Flirting but not delivering. Well fuck that because flirting is where it's at. And sometimes flirting means whipping your cock out to get another guy's cock going in his pants. Or flashing your ass. Your hot muscular fuckable, hard pumping ass.

Maybe it's not as sophisticated as sparkling (and clothed) conversation over cherry cordials and cucumber sandwiches, but dick flirting is classy in its own way. That's right, I said dick flirting. We all have short attention spans now anyway, so just whipping it out is probably the way to go. It's not like we all speak French or something fancy. Plus with guys way opening up to more cross-gen dating/sex (thank you, daddy porn for paving the way), we don't even share the same pop culture memory.

Cock remains the common ground.

A certain percent of selfies are cruising site/app profile pics, or pics traded in the course of attempting to hook up. I think Harvard's well-respect Department of Ejaculatology is carrying out a major study to determine that percent. Or maybe it's a cover for horny graduate students to carry out sexually invasive studies on 18 year old freshmen. In the name of science.

Bottom line, people seem more likely to flirt with their bodies (including snapshots) than with their words. I'm into the whole word thing, so I hang out at Scrabble tournaments. Well, the men's room at Scrabble tournaments.

So next time you see a hot guy and your tongue-tied, just whip our your cock. I guarantee it will have some sort of dramatic effect, with the specific outcome dependent on where you are. It's only cock teasing if nobody ends up cumming (eventually).

Want to see some cock tease guys that deliver in the end? Check out a few of our Gay Hoopla posts. A lot to see!

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