Top #Selfies of the Week: Big Ones Top #Selfies of the Week: Big Ones

Look out, it's another big dick post! Which will reveal what we all know about ourselves. We can never get enough big dick. Well, ask me after a gang bang and I might answer differently.

This is a hypothetical as I have limited gang bang experience. As in zero. I just know that I'd want someone to cover my dry cleaning bill afterwards. It's tough to get four gallons of cum stains out of silk. Not even Martha Stewart has a do it yourself tip for that situation.

She's good on three gallons of cum though. I think she demo'd that the last time she was on Live with Kelly and Michael.

Yes, I know some of you all are into small dicks. And I"m not saying I'm not. I just like big dicks. I should reserve the word love for romance. But like for sure.

Still isn't a 10 inch dick twice as good as a 5 inch one? In that it's like 2 five inch ones? Isn't my math terrible? Don't I make no sense? Yes, I sure don't!

It is crazy though, how there are so many big dick pics and videos out there but when you go to a locker room, even one where guys get partial or fully hard, it seems like 95% or more of guys are not big at all. What is that? Where are all the huge dick guys working out? Don't tell me at home because how am I supposed to watch them at home?

Oh great, yet another thing I'm supposed to assertively ask for. "Hi, you're really handsome. Where do you work out? Oh at home? Maybe we can work out together sometime? Yeah, that would be great because I could watch you work out while I masturbate to you working out. Feel free not to wear shorts or anything."

Now who should I go and try that on? Maybe Martha Stewart has a horny gay assistant. If he doesn't have a big dick to start, he can probably make one with construction paper and glitter glue. Make that definitely!

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