Top #Selfies of the Week: Bearded Miracle Top #Selfies of the Week: Bearded Miracle

This selfie dude is a bearded miracle with a huge (what do you call it?) underwear budget. He's like if that guy you've seen at the gym who's in great shape starts going to the gym. Then takes a secret door and goes to the gym within the gym. The one that you use to turn you body into a ten.

And with what looks to be a party-sized cock, he's had to work hard so his body matches that dick. Creates a real head-to-toe attraction, shared, I'm certain, by him for himself. And that's a good thing.

For just like a beautiful sunset, so too in this hunk of man. Okay, that's pushing it. I mean how am I supposed to see a sunset if I'm on all fours in bed biting a pillow while he pounds me. Seeing sunrise, once he's done fucking me all night, is more realistic.

How do you react if you see a guy who looks like this? I might feel he's physically out of my league, that he wouldn't be interested in little old me. Or big young me. Or whatever the hell me I am.

But this is not a guy you tell what attractions to have. He feels what he feels and so be it. Maybe nobody hits on him because they assume he'd reject them or is already taken. Well, it's true he's taken with himself, but otherwise who knows?

So you know that guy you've been wanting to flirt with but the whole thing just seems implausible. Like it could never lead anywhere. Say hello. Seriously. Because don't you want whoever is your husband to make you weak in the knees, to feel almost mythical and unattainable and yet be real?

Or just beg to suck beardo's cock or this guy's. That can work too.

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