Top #Selfies of the Week: Beard Bonanza Top #Selfies of the Week: Beard Bonanza

It's beards, beards and also beards! On studs, studs and also studs! Because they're not only a great place to store soup or ice cream (if the guy has no idea how to eat) but a fine accent to a chiseled physique.

As a bonus, they make a guy seem like whatever you want him to seem like. Whatever you hope him to be. Like say a top, or an outdoorsy guy, or a professor, or otherwise deep or relevant. 

Of course all it really shows is he knows how to note shave his beard off while also grooming what he has to some extent. And like a British accent if you're trying to sell theater subscriptions over the phone, it adds a little air of mystery and class to an otherwise mundane experience.

So I'm simultaneously jaded on being impressed by a guy's beard magnificence and also turned on by a fine beard. In fact, some guys totally look better with a beard so if everything else is in place, I'd be grateful for the beard to complete the look.

But what if you get with a bearded guy and he goes crazy and shaves it off and what's underneath just isn't happening? Well if it's any of these guys, just keep your eyes focused on him from the shoulders on down. You should still be plenty happy. Alternately, draw or stick on a beard while he's sleeping. He'll appreciate your subtle message that you don't like him just the way he is.

Or just encourage him to get the beard back. Stubble is a fine compromise. Go camping and conveniently forget razors. Soon he'll be on his way back to beard paradise.

And you have a convenient way in your pants (or his if he's flexible) to turn any dark beard into a salt and pepper thing. Well, salty, not salt exatly. 

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