Top #Selfies of the Week: Accidental Exposure Top #Selfies of the Week: Accidental Exposure

Oh my gosh, look at all these guys who accidentally primped and posed for the camera, exposing themselves forever. Perhaps each slipped on some sort of banana peel, precipitating this incident.

And what a magic banana peel it must have been! Because it enrolls a guy at the gym, makes him horny enough to take a selfie, and makes him doubly horny enough to upload it somewhere.

I hate when that happens. Or actually I love when that happens. Because every day a new selfie gets its wings. And selfie begets selfie begets masturbation. What a wonderful world full of exposure and voyeurism and the homosexual gaze.

Supposedly, there's a Hallmark greeting card for everything, but I think I'll need to pen a complaint letter as they left "Thanks for the boner-inducing selfie" out of the lineup. How dare they.

Maybe a "Happy Retirement" card can suffice? As in happy retirement of your pre-exposure days. The days when you weren't naked online forever. And here's a gold watch, I mean cock ring. Yeah, here's that. Thanks for your years of service toward covering your body fully but those days are over.

Now i need to go shopping for magic banana peels. There are a few thousand guys I"d like to give them to. 

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