Tomy Hawk Fucks Slovenian Bottom Veles Tomy Hawk Fucks Slovenian Bottom Veles

Veles is a scruffy-faced power bottom and he had never done a gay porn video until Tim Kruger put him in front of the cameras for Tim Tales. That was back in August and Kruger stuffed Veles' beautiful ass with his 10-inch dick; ever since site fans were begging Kruger to get this sexy Slovenian guy back for another round.

Kruger has finally flown Veles from Slovenia to Berlin for his second appearance. Veles is a strong muscle hunk who needs an equally muscular and powerful top to pound him into bottom heaven. Tomy Hawk is a sexy, bearded top with a long, uncut cock and he loves fucking ass.

Veles gets the top revved up with some deep dick swallowing and gulping, then Hawk takes over and pumps Veles beautiful ass. And judging by the look on this bottom's face, he really loved Hawk's fucking style. After a long and sweaty fuck session, the two men sit back together and blow their loads.

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