The Asiancy: Wedding Day - Getting Ready The Asiancy: Wedding Day - Getting Ready

In the continuing saga of erotic fantasy tales from Peter Fever, we are presented here with the latest instalment about a group of friends leading up to a gay wedding ... we've seen "The Rehearsal" and "Last Chance", and now finally the "Wedding Day" has arrived!

In this episode all the parties are present for the momentous event ... the two grooms, their ex-lovers, the priest and several friends ... all spent the night paired up in one large hotel room full of single beds. Our hot young Asian honey Eli Lewis, a friend of the two grooms, wakes up next to Davey Anthony, while Reverend Ray Han shared his bed with Jessie Lee. Ray wakes up and goes to the bathroom to clean his teeth and is soon joined by Eli. Eli has always had a thing for Ray, and since he found out that Reverend Ray is not one of those "celibate" types of priests, he's really wanted to get into his pants even more! As the two men stand side by side in the cramped bathroom, Eli strips down to his underwear and catches Ray checking out his bubble butt! He immediately takes control of the situation and pulls him in close for a passionate kiss. What follows next is the only natural response ... the good morning fuck Eli has always wanted!

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