That Gang Fucked Feeling That Gang Fucked Feeling

Matt has been to this frat house before, but his memories were pretty sketchy because he had been really trashed. The next morning his ass felt like it had been fucked by some pretty big dicks, but he really couldn't remember. And it looks like this gang bang party at Fraternity X isn't going to much different.

The guys invite Matt over, hoping for a repeat. After sitting around with the guys, watching porn and getting drunk, Matt starts feeling a little whoozie. When this college dude has too much drink, there's no such thing as too much cock going up his ass. First one of the guys pushes his legs over his head and opens up his butt hole. Then they drag Matt into the hallway and gang fuck him against the wall with all three guys taking their turn. Finally, the guys sit back on the couch, side by side, and Matt works his way down the line, riding dick and taking their loads up his butt. Looks like Matt's going to wake up with that "I've been gang fucked" feeling again.

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