Thad's Happy-Ending Massage Thad's Happy-Ending Massage

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Thad did his first jack-off video for Spunkworthy, then emailed the site owner Jason wanting to know what he could do next. A lot of these porn newbies are pretty anxious to pull out there cocks over and over. When Jason said a happy-ending massage was next on the list, it took Thad a couple of days to think it over.

Truthfully, I like Thad's cock more than I like Thad. He's okay, not unattractive, just not my kind of guy. But his cock is pretty perfect. It's not a monster, it's only seven inches, but then I'm not a size queen. I like sucking an average-sized cock because they're easier to manage. Thad's cock is a nice size and has a plump, well-proportioned head and it's a little olive shaped.

When lying on his back for the beginning of the rubdown, you'll notice he has a big birth make on his right inner thigh. I don't know why I'm interested in such things, but I've always had a bit of a fetish for moles and scars. Is there a hanky code for that? Thad hadn't cum in three or four days, so it didn't take him long to blow, but Jason made it last as long as he could.

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