SUVs Were Made for Threeways

The guys at Boys on the Prowl have to be contortionists to film their threeway fuck scenes in the back of this SUV. Reece Bentley and Sean McKenzie pick up Oscar Roberts and make him their bottom bitch while rolling down the highway. Can you imagine passing a car and seeing a guy's ass stuck to the back-seat window? Or how about Oscar's contorted "this cock is soooo big" fuck face smooshed against the window? I'd veer off into the ditch, wouldn't you?

I always found car sex inconvenient and impossible, but thanks to roomy SUVs, car fucking has come a long way. Oscar is sitting on the back seat with his legs pressed against the ceiling, Sean kneels on the floor and pumps his erection into Oscar's ass; and there's still plenty of room for Reese, who is on the floor filming some hot dick-in-ass shots with his hand-held camera.

Sean fucks Oscar first, then he grabs the camera and films while Reese gets his turn. Oscars own huge cock hangs between his legs while he skewers himself onto Reese's hard-on. "Big sausage there," Sean chuckles. After they each have a go, Sean and Reese spit-roast Oscar across the back seat, then finally this horny ride comes to an end with the three lads stroking side by side and letting their cum fly.

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