Straight Latino Guy Truly Does Give This Bottom "Just the Tip" Straight Latino Guy Truly Does Give This Bottom "Just the Tip"

I bitch a lot about gay porn sites whipping out the straight guy or first gay sex card, it annoys me when I don't think it's true. I don't know why it bothers me because I don't believe the guys in porn are plumbers, police men, or pizza delivery guys. But in the case of 18-year-old Edgar in this Miami Boyz video, I really do believe he's straight. And for me, I'm all the more revved up.

The camera rolls and capture Edgar, who is sitting on his motorcycle, and talking to Alan. They're speaking Spanish and there are no subtitles. But it's not hard to tell that Alan is being flirty and wants inside Edgar's pants to see his alleged huge cock. Alan touches Edgar a few times and the straight boy flicks his hand away and rebuffs him.

Finally this straight dude relents and pulls out his dick. It's soft and not very impressive. But like any 18-year-old guy, you just have to wait 15 seconds and Edgar's dick springs to life. Holy shit! His cock is long and thick and sticks straight up in the air (I'm surprised he didn't pass out with the amount of blood required to fill that monster) and he's got huge, egg-sized nuts hanging in a saggy ball sac.

The guys fool around and Edgar slaps Alan's ass and breaks into hysterics. It's really his macho straight-guy bravado and nervousness coming through. But it adds to the realism. Alan wants to feel this huge bone in his ass (who wouldn't?), so finally Edgar lines up his cock head and Alan gently rocks back and forth until the pink cap enters him. Unfortunately that's all this straight guy would do -- just his cock head and then he pulled out. But he does make up for it by unloading all over Alan's face. And don't worry, I'm sure we'll see this straight guy back fucking some guy butt for real. He just needs to work up to it.

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