Straight Guy Jerked Off Straight Guy Jerked Off

Scott is about to find out what he's been missing in this hardcore cock stroking session with horny punk dude Steve on the Slow Teasing Hand Jobs site. He's starting out with some great action, too, giving control to the master and having the cum worked from his cock. For a new guy experiencing this for the first time, Scott sure is trusting! His hands are shackled in cuffs to his hips, unable to deal with that stiff cock for himself as Steve strokes and plays with it, tugging on the straight guys balls and rubbing the sensitive head.

But this straight guy is getting more than just some cock fun as he's turned around and a gloved finger eases into his virgin fuckhole to find his prostate! Scott definitely seems to like it, but after so much edging and anal play, the massager is going to take him over the edge. Steve holds the vibrating toy against the throbbing helmet of the straight guy's cock and takes him right to the point of cumming before stopping again, several times! It's a wonder the poor str8 guy didn't collapse when he was finally allowed to pump out his load and empty his balls of all that cream!

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