Straight Guy Jerked And Drained Straight Guy Jerked And Drained

Hot straight guy Peter probably didn't know quite realize what he was getting into when he agreed to be tied up, but when Scott arrives, releases his cock and starts working on it, the dude can't deny that it feels so good! Scott is a master at delivering awesome cock stroking sessions at Slow Teasing Handjobs, and Peter discovers how good it can be to have his boner pleasured by another dude. His hard dick is milked and enjoyed by handsome punk Scott, jerked over and over, taken to the edge of unloading repeatedly until the guy can't hold that boiling load in his dick any longer and he lets out the most intense climax he's probably ever had! But there's punishment for cumming such a massive load without permission, and Scott delivers that punishment with his stroking hand directly on that sensitive and sticky helmet, making Peter cry out!

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