Step Brat Gets Harsh Treatment Step Brat Gets Harsh Treatment

Twinky new step-brother Kevin Summers is giving attitude in his new home and part of a new family with his older sibling Johnny Torque at Next Door Twink. Johnny is strict with his new younger brother, perhaps that's why he's acting out. Kevin hasn't tidied his room 3 days after Johnny's father and Kevin's new step-dad asked him to. He bursts in yelling. Kevin ignores him with his earphones on, so Johnny decides to give his new step-brother a spanking. Johnny pulls Kevin's pants down, rips off his underwear and thwacks his arse. But the spanking soon turns to a fingering. Kevin knows it's wrong and tells his step-brother so. Johnny isn't giving in to the step-brat's demands and convinces him it's okay since they're not real brothers. Kevin agrees to go along with the harsh treatment, which soon turns to having Johnny's fat, swollen cock in his mouth and ass.

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