Something for the Weekend: Undress Him Something for the Weekend: Undress Him

This weekend, undress him. Who's him? That's up to you. And him of course. Unless you undress a guy with your eyes, then he can't exactly stop you. But beware because some guys can read minds, at least as far as knowing when someone is craving to see them naked.

Look too hard and a guy might notice and call you on it. Hopefully with a "Hey, man, stop undressing me with your eyes! And start undressing me with your hands." Because real life totally is like a porn movie. Well, sometimes anyway.

Haven't you had porn movie moments? Some innuendo-heavy dialogue followed by innuendo-heavy cocksucking and innuendo-heavy assfucking? And belive me it's challenging to come up with sexual innuendos while actually having sex.

Like "If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" doesn't really work if someone is inside you at the time. So the only conclusion would be to take the question literally, as in would you be offended by me complimenting your body.

Actually, I have been offended by someone complimenting my body when I feel it's to get something out of me. Sweet talking is great, but not sickly sweet talking.

You've got to undress a guy though. Slowly. The contrast of clothing and nudity accentuate each other. Jeans look sexier when you imagine what's underneath. And a final reveal of a man's nude body is astounding when the timing's right.

Plus you never know exactly what he'll look like naked until you see. It's best to wait until you know the guy a good while, say four of five minutes.

Then once he's naked, this can happen.

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