Something for the Weekend: Swimsuit Fashion Show

Fashion sucks mostly and these guys look boring as hell. So why do I like this? Maybe the magical lighting, the purposeful walking that goes nowhere and the eye level bulges.

Yeah, that last one.

Plus the broad shoulders. And Vulcan-level exterior. But like Vulcans, there are so many emotions under the surface, yet under control.

Emotions like "When the hell am I going to get paid?" Or "Whose dick to I have to suck to get my next gig?" Or "Wow, that dick I sucked to get this gig was so awesome I would have done it anyway!"

I may need a greater handle on what qualifies as an emotion.

Now here's hoping fashion shows of this nature hire me as a dresser. I'll be excellent at helping guys with quick changes. Or at least the half of the change where you take the clothes off.

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