Something for the Weekend: Superargo Versus Diabolicus

es, it’s Italian-Spanish sci-fi wrestling flick Superargo Versus Diabolicus. And there are so many reasons you should care.

Superhero costume bulge happens. A lot. So many. This movie has all the bulge. And it’s 1966 bulge, so if you think ‘80s Falcon video models are vintage, try 50th anniversary bulge. That’s crotch bulge and ass bulge. He’s got both. He’s Superargo!

It’s a free movie. Yeah this video is the entire thing and nobody involved in the movie is about to ask YouTube to take it down so it will remain for bizarre viewing pleasure in internet perpetuity.

The wrestling in it is just one ejaculation away from a porn movie. Okay, maybe 12 ejaculations away. But is at least pornographically equivalent to those wrestling videos in which nobody gets naked. Plus people are watching. What porn movie has a screaming, bloodthirsty crowd?

Bondage. And of a hot guy, not of phone book. Nobody cares if someone straps a phone book to a table.

And most importantly, the plot section of its Wikipedia entry is blank. Because, who cares about plot? But if you do go there, check out the poster, which promises: SUPEREXCITEMENT. Which is one word now (I mean then).

Now press play and watch the intoxicatingly campy magic happen. Note I didn't say it's fast-paced or anything, so feel free to scan through. Watching out of order won't affect the plot.

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