Something for the Weekend: Yellow Underwear Ass

Yellow means pee and yellow means caution. Such as: "Someone is going to pee on you! Caution!" And now, yellow also means ass. Neon yellow. Mustard yellow. Canary yellow. And the ultimate: ass yellow. Because it's like a traffic signal blinking at you. Ass! Ass! Ass!

I highly recommend jumping on the trend. And if you don't think you look good in yellow, then that's great, wear it anyway. More people should wear things they don't think they look good in. We all need a fucking break from trying to look good all the time.

Believe me, because for some reason the membership of my gym just got younger and more built in about five minutes. It's like a swarm of 20somethings of indeterminate (and irrelevant) sexual orientation descended like bees. Though bees don't really have much for pecs. Does the thorax count?

These newbies totally make me feel out of place. Which is great, because now I can totally not even try to feel in place. And really none of them wear yellow so now's my chance. I want to dress horribly. I want to be a gym-fashions anarchist, hit on everybody, be rejected by everybody, then make them all feel super-uncomfortable.

Once they all quit the gym, I'll go back to my normal gym look: vulnerable, exploited, depraved nudity.

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