Something for the Weekend: So Many Dicks Something for the Weekend: So Many Dicks

It's good to have so many dicks in your life that you lose count. You may become so otherwise occupied that counting to 21 would be impossible. Unless you take your pants off.

Which is a 100 year old joke. Which makes me feel young. It's good to be younger than the jokes you tell sometimes.

Breaking news: there are people attached to these dicks. I mean I can't prove it but probably. Do any of them tell jokes ever? Because some people actually don't which always shocks me. Here's something I do before a date: set a reminder in my phone that if the guy hasn't at least tried to make me laugh (or has naturally made me laugh without even trying) within a certain amount of time, he's not a match as friend, husband anything.

A sense of humor is everything. Such as if you're in a circle jerk with 47 guys and you all simultaneously step on each other's toes while ejaculating. That's hilarious!

Also hilarious is if you were all to simultaneously ejaculate causing the floor to turn slick as hell then you all fall down like bowling pins. That may not actually be as hilarious. Semen-related injuries can raise your monthly semen insurance premiums. Insurance is no laughing matter.

It's at this point we wonder if the legendary movie musical geometric kaleidoscopic choreographer Busby Berkeley himself (look him up if you haven't lived the fantasy) came back from the musical dead to organize so many dicks.

Which reminds me, I need to make sure my next date with a guy is with five guys. No reason.

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