Something for the Weekend: Jaxton Wheeler Twins

Jaxton Wheeler has a porn doppelgänger. If, as I stumbled upon, you go back to the era where porn magazines were king. Therefore I want a time machine. I just can't decide if I want to bring vintage "Jaxton" to the present or current non-quotes actual Jaxton to the past. Based on the photo style, that past looks to be around 1981.

Since I'd need a time machine anyhow, I'd try both time settings for the threeway with the real Jaxton and his Jaxton-based life form twin, starting with 1981. Mainly because there are so many other things I"d want to do in 1981, like buy stock in Microsoft, invent the Thighmaster and solve the Rubik's Cube. I'd also probably send a supportive telegram to Bruce Jenner encouraging a prompt exploration of gender identity with a supportive professional and I'd ruin the O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown wedding.

It looks like a vintage Playgirl shot (no, it's not ex-football pro and Playgirl poser John Matuszak like I first thought). But I bet whoever it is/was is/was not used to hardcore man sex, at least being filmed doing it. So we can start off with him jerking off in the mirror. Then I'll replace the mirror with Jaxton Wheeler and hilarity will ensue. No wait, that was that I Love Lucy mirror scene. In this case, ejaculation will ensue. Then we can all watch I Love Lucy after, as that was in reruns back then too.

There's another option where I wouldn't need a time machine. That model (if all is well) might be in his 50s or 60s now. Him plus Jaxton plus me would make a fine three-way. Plus since Jaxton may charge us a fuck load of money for the privilege of his time, that old model could use his AARP card.

Now check out Jaxton's cock.

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