Something for the Weekend: Hot Guy in Boring Clothes Something for the Weekend: Hot Guy in Boring Clothes

So much emphasis on men's fashion nowadays. Fuck that! I'll take a physically hot guy in boring clothes over a physically boring guy in hot clothes anyday. My logic is flawless as is my delusion that I get to have my pick of guys such as this one. Buy hey, I can dream, right?

I've played with (but not dated) a guy as built as this one. As far as dating, it would really fuck with my plan to super care about a guy's personality. I mean conversation may matter just a bit less if my hands are on those pecs squeezing for dear life.

His chest is like an entertainment center. No metaphor here. I mean literally like a phsyical entertainment center. You could rest a TV on it and it would get perfect reception. Unlike the reception I would get if I came on to him in the locker room.

Yes he's got a wedding ring on if you're looking close.

I wonder if his wedding invite was like "Join us for the Hot Guy in Boring Tux marries some lady or guy or whatever wedding but definitely not guys who stare at the Hot Guy in locker rooms" (in hideous calligraphy of course). Then some checkbox for chicken or fish.

And I'd have to cross out both and write my own checkbox for COCK. In lovely calligraphy.

Here's hoping he's a cheater. Seriously.

One jock muscle daddy not enough? Try two like they try each other. Warning: NSFW! Oh wait, this whole site is NSFW. Too late. Well maybe your hunky boss (fingers crossed you have one) will find out and make your evening interesting.

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