Something for the Weekend: Hot Dudes with Dogs Something for the Weekend: Hot Dudes with Dogs

Hot Dudes with Dogs is a thing now. But some words of warning: just because the dog is adorable, and multiples the guy's adorableness doesn't mean the guy isn't a jerk. Like none of these guys have returned my calls. My thousands of calls. Damn them!

But why is it a hotness amplifier? Probably because it shows a guy is nurturing and playful, maybe even rough and tumble, rambunctious and adventurous (depending on the dog). Though that doesn't mean he'd be all those things with you. He may be cold as hell with fellow humans. Hey, I'm glad guys are all lovey dovey with their pets. Hell yes to that! But it doesn't mean lovey dovey to their fellow man, even to their boyfriends.

As fantasy figures though, yes ma'am Pam.

That said, the Instagram in question does not seem to feature any sexy, prissy show dog guys in tight pants. It's a very long pants averse Instagram. Just saying.

Hoping to see some spin-offs like Hot Dudes with Giraffes, Hot Dudes with Banana Slugs and Hot Dudes with Blue Whales. But I'll settle for Hot Dudes with paychecks. Always attractive. Unless they do something horrible for a living like serve as the CEO of some company that harms the environment.

Well maybe if they take their shirt off and hold a dog everything would be okay.

[Photos via Hot Dudes with Dogs]

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