Rocco Steele Double Feature Rocco Steele Double Feature

If you've got nothing planned for the day, why not spend a lazy Sunday in bed jacking off six or seven times watching Rocco Steele fucking these two bottoms. Last week over at Breed Me Raw, Mr. 10x7 Daddy got his dick serviced at the glory hole by Owen Power, then this week Adam Russo bends over is a hotel room and takes this mother fucker balls deep.

Owen Power is sitting in his glory hole booth looking at hook-up profiles on his cell phone, passing the time until a dick comes through his hole. Then this giant piece of meat slides through and Owen drops to his knees saying, "Holy shit!" He gulps on this monster and takes a lot of it down his throat, then he backs up to the hole and slides this humongous hard-on deep inside his hole. It's impressive to see. Eventually Steele says over the wall, "Why don't you get over here?" And Owen continues riding that thing until he makes Rocco spunk all over his ass.

I was looking forward to this second scene with Adam Russo, he's one of my all-time faves. He's a handsome hunk, hung, and whether he's topping or bottoming, he runs a filthy dirty-talking mouth. When the scene opens we can hear Adam moaning while he's sucking Rocco's bone, then finally we see him. "How about you give me that ass," Steele finally says and Adam kneels on the arms of the chair with his ass high in the air. Rocco loves rimming and takes his time enjoying Adam's butt.

Russo takes Steele's cock easily up his ass. I mean, as easily as one can ever take a 10-inch cock, but you have to remember that Russo's boyfriend is Cutler X (or was, I don't know if they're still together) and Cutler is a full inch longer than Steele. So when Russo buries Rocco balls deep, he doesn't holler and howl, he chortles and moans, "OMG! Such a huge cock in my ass."

Dueling bottoms, I can't think of a hornier way to spend a Sunday.

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