Repairman John Scott Sure Knows How To Use His Tool Repairman John Scott Sure Knows How To Use His Tool

Looks like Matt Kennedy has been having some problems with his clothes dryer and needs to get someone in fast to get it repaired. He makes a call to a local repairman and within minutes French Dudes new 'cummer' John Scott appears at the door. He takes a quick look at the dryer, says it has some components needing to be lubricated, but just can't keep his eyes off Matt's gorgeous butt!

Its obvious fixing the dryer isn't really what's on John's mind as he starts to undress Matt and offers his hard cock for the lad to orally service. And what a cock John has ... Matt gets on his knees and takes every inch. Then it's John's turn to service Matt's cock and the two go back and forth working each other's cocks before heading over to the sofa. Here they take a break from the oral action and Matt rolls onto his back and offers his arsehole to John who doesn't hesitate ... he slides his hard cock in and starts pounding Matt's arse deep and hard. When they are ready to blow, they head back to the kitchen, and standing beside each other, they jerk their loads all over the dryer ... wonder if that's really the type of lubricant it needs to get fixed?

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