Public Exposure: Open Thighs Public Exposure: Open Thighs

Thighs are a thing. A major thing. Open or closed. Because open is wow, especially when they're muscle thighs. And closed is also wow, hoping they open.

The jockstrap exposure is insanely deliberate. That guy deserves a reward, beyond the obvious 72 consecutive hours of tag team muscle worship from a mob of horny guys.

I should mention I'm totally willing to wait my turn in line. I have really good etiquette in mobs.

It's kinda comforting to know if these visuals presented themselves that any shyness would fully go out the window, as would my underwear. I just would stare. I would say something. I would want to make something happen.

At minimum, I'd want him to know I was looking. I'm sure he'd want to know the same and maybe that's all that would happen. But looking matters. Looking and being looked at is a form of connection. 

As is trying to grab that jockstrap strap with my teeth. You know, how people test if pearls are real. Because I think he's for real. Fuck he is.

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