Public Exposure: Nudity Graduation Public Exposure: Nudity Graduation

I think this guy has earned his degree in Public Nudity. And like some of the other guys pictured, he can parlay it into hanging out naked while pumping gas or outside a gay bar. Because it's important to put one's education into action.

Unlike a useless degree like Computer Engineering or Linguistics, Public Nudity is something made for this world, with endless applications, such as:

  • Be mega nude at a wedding reception because why the fuck not?
  • Be stark raving nude at the mall because malls are mostly dying anyhow so need the excitement.
  • Be incredibly nude at the optometrist's because being nude with dilated pupils is all too rare.
  • Be aggressively nude at a NASCAR event in order to pick up married trade.
  • Be geekily nude at the comic book shop because not everyone buys hunky superhero and fantasy stud comics for the plot.
  • Be stupidly nude at a thrift shop because they always ask to check your bag anyhow, so this way there's nothing to check and you can get right to shopping for kitsch.
  • Be completely dressed at the bathhouse, just to mix things up.

Now point me to the brave graduates of Nude University.

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