Public Exposure: Guys Who Don't Give a Fuck Public Exposure: Guys Who Don't Give a Fuck

Hey, look at me. Or don't. I don't care! Which is pretty much the attitude of these guys.

Though for some, I'm betting more on the please look at me, please remember me, please jack off to me now and/or later. That's more likely what's running through their minds. You kind of have to be thinking that to wear those obscenely revealing tights. 

And you kind of have to be thinking of that to supposedly not notice when your dick falls out of your shorts in public. Which for 99% of the population I'm glad when that doesn't happen. But the other 1% I wish would.

Especially if I'm in the waiting room at the dentist's office. Because those magazines suck. I'm just not into Good Housekeeping like I used to be which was never.

So I get that being nude at some hippie-ish public sporting event, bike ride or whatnot is not a super sexual thing. But when you look like that it is to me.

And whipping out your dick on the street, glaring at the camera? Call me.

Hopefully your cell phone let's you dial with your dick head. They're mostly water/precum resistant now, at least when submerged in up to 5 feet of precum. I mean water.

Now I"m going to see how I can get a part-time job as a spandex tight salesperson. I think I'll make that a home business and turn my bedroom into a dressing room. Yes, that's the plan.

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