Public Exposure: Fucking Crazy Public Exposure: Fucking Crazy

So when the most sane naked public guy is the guy who lets his jeans be pulled down at the bar, you know you're in Naked Man Land.

At any given time, unless you live north of the Arctic Circle, you're generally not very far from Naked Man Land. Apparently if you're most anywhere, you're already there.

It's just all about timing. Being near the guys who just don't give a fuck. Or they do give a fuck but the only fuck they give is that they get to fuck. Because even if the guy's not hard, casual nudity just makes folks think of the guy in other naked situations too.

Like making dinner, folding a minimal amount of laundry, or penetrating your mouth with his cock and balls simultaneously. 

Now if they're all totally straight (whatever that means) the nudity may just be a hilariously taboo thing to do or a simple dare. As for actual dares I'd give someone to do, those would be more like I dare you to dress how you want to dress in public, even if gender nonconforming or risky in some other way. 

At this point, gender nonconforming attire is more risky to go out in than being fully nude. Though if you live north of the Arctic Circle, you can dress however the fuck you want. And you would officially qualify as crazy (and frozen to death) if you went out naked.

Okay, I'm going to go jog naked now. Just because. 

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