Public Exposure: Flashing for Fun Public Exposure: Flashing for Fun

Writing this to Ukulele Anthem by Amanda Palmer. Look it up. Trust me. And maybe it can inspire some flashing. Because do whatever, do it, play your ukulele.

Or flash your dick. Or your ass. Or if you're in Italy, you can masturbate in public legally (though if seen by a minor you're legally absolutely fucked). 

Still I'm really running low on the random naked guy parts (or whole naked guy) in public thing. If seeing a naked guy would recharge my naked battery, I'd be pretty much almost out.

Because those 60 naked guys in the modern art museum cafeteria 27 years ago isn't going to last me forever.

Oh my gosh, that muscle guy's legs are spread and his dick is out. And that other guy's at some sort of Vegas hotel casino situation which lights up his non-blueballed dick quite blue (he looks pretty popular).  And the other guy is at a grocery store shopping for ass crackers.

I would like some ass crackers. Come to my ass cracker party. On roller skates. Naked. You're invited. Bring a naked friend.

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