Public Exposure: Drop 'Em Public Exposure: Drop 'Em

Pulling a guy's pants down in public is totally hot, I mean wrong. Really really wrong. Even if you want to see him with his pants down and shower him with praise and semen. It's wrong because it's nonconsensual and just sketchy and mean and horrible.

So thank the cosmos there's a plethora of guys who pull their own pants down wherever. Thank you to all the self pants puller downers for brightening our days.

And making us spot our own pants with you know what.

Still, "pantsed" is a word. People get "pantsed" thought it's unclear why it's not called "depantsed" instead. I guess it's similar to "fucked" as people don't get "defucked" (unless you break up with someone while they're inside you).

Note to self: break up with someone while they're inside me. Even if it means a future sexual association with awkwardness. Because if awkwardness becomes a turn on, every first date will be incredible.

I need to meet that window squirter though. I guess he really does do windows. And a defecating pigeon impression out his dick. I wonder if he's looking for a friendly neighbor.

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