Public Exposure: Daring Dicks Public Exposure: Daring Dicks

These are guys who don't even need to be playing Truth or Dare to do something nude (or nude-adjacent) in public. Because as much as mountain climbers are adrenaline junkies, these are exposure junkies.

Now what the hell would happen if there were a nude mountain climber? That's a lot of adrenaline pulsing. Though it would be tricky to get more than a few feet off the ground without the right gear (that you may need pockets for).

I kind of want a what happens next shot. What happens when someone notices what's up. What happens when someone shopping for orange juice sees a dick instead. What happens when a truck driver pulls over by the side of the road to individually greet an exhibitionist. 

Something scandalous on that last one. A truck driver who gets all homosexual. Unheard of.

So yeah, I get none of these show someone flashing a group of nuns. Because shy bother. They already see plenty of dick. Or so I've heard from my nun sources.

The one I full on don't get is the guy wanting down the steps in the boots and helmet of a construction worker and nothing else. What's his plan here? It's hard to build anything when mostly naked. Except the ancient pyramids I guess.

Just applause all around for these crazy, daring guys and their exposed cocks and asses. Applause and possible misdemeanors.

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