Public Exposure: Crazy Naked Fun Public Exposure: Crazy Naked Fun

Fun is in the eye of the beholder. Or in this case, the dick of the beheld. It's that dick brain that tells the guy to drop his pants (and sometimes everything else).


The pic can't tell us how long the guy was exposed and exactly who was watching at the time, but I'll venture to say I was watching and each guy wasn't exposed long enough. 

I would ask that there be some annual Exposure Awards ceremony, like the Emmy Awards. Call it the Dickies.

To be clear, nobody would be wearing dickies (the brand or the item of clothing) at this event. And the presenters may have a difficult time focusing on the teleprompter considering the audience would be naked.

Instead of music piping in if people are going too long on their acceptance speech, some cocksucker just goes on stage and coaxes a winner to the wings. Really at this even everyone would be a winner.

As for the look of the award, I say base it off the guy hanging from the balcony. But make the statue have a fuckable hole. 

Hey, it's my fantasy, right? 

But until those awards happen, I'll hope to run into a naked guy my next elevator ride. To clarify, a cute, sexy one. Not an insurance company CEO or anything  gruesome like that. 

I will congratulate the naked shoe model though. I think I saw that picture blown up three stories high outside the Nike Store.

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