Public Exposure: A Day in the Life Public Exposure: A Day in the Life

This isn't all the same person, but imagine it is. What's his day been like?

Woke up naked but no need to show that as it's not in public.

Followed by a range of activities that are rather unremarkable, except for the whole "you're nude where?!" thing.

Biked to work. Bike commuting is a very healthy activity. And also helps witnesses exercise their jaw muscles from gaping jaw and talking about the scandal.

Put on a suit, but somehow manages to not zip up. Which gave him an erection. Luckily, his job is to have an erection. He does a very good job.

He schmoozed a client at a tennis match, inviting him to go get a snack at the pretzel stand, taking a shortcut between points. Oh but they were embarrassed. Because they forget their wallets so had to go back, then double streak again. Which makes for a quadruple streak.

After work, some trumpet playing to warn society of the dangers of clothing.

And then off on a business trip to a hotel that unfortunately didn't have a gym. So he had to use the hallway to work out various body parts. Stretching is so important, isn't it?

And off to bed. Darn, he forget his pajamas! Just kidding. What pajamas?

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