Picking Up a Stranger At The BeKool Lounge Picking Up a Stranger At The BeKool Lounge

Kevin Sportswear and Tony Rekins from French Dudes are at the local gay lounge 'Be Kool' enjoying a drink together and, as everyone who knows Tony, whenever he is involved, things are going to get a bit rough!

The guys are definitely in a playful mood ... in the mood for some anonymous sex with a stranger! Enter Alex Kiffeur, some stranger Tony picks up from off the street ... the resulting action is certainly hard, fast and furious as hottie Alex sucks on Kevin's cock while Tony feels him up ... all over! Then Alex moves his oral attentions to Tony's cock and Kevin moves around behind and starts fucking Alex up the butt. From the sounds of things, Tony is certainly enjoying the blowjob he is getting! Then Tony and Kevin swap ends and the two guys continue to take turns with Alex's mouth and arse ... but they aren't finished with their new-found bottom-boy yet ... they introduce their Nike's into their sexual games and make Alex sniff them while he's getting fucked .... and stay tuned for more, as things get even hotter in next week's update!

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