Peter Le Watches Two Young Dudes Screw

This obscene episode of The Asiancy (Hint: all the episodes are obscene) is lovingly called Sex Dice and uses those dirty dice desperate and/or stupid and/or drunk couples buy to spice up their dull sex lives. And, no, The Asiancy is not the Asian version of Melrose Place but it does have Aaron Spelling soap opera qualities like voyeurism and anal sex.

The thing is since when do horny porn guys need novelty dice to get them going? Any excuse, I suppose! In this case the pair of dice come up "Lick Ear" so Tex licks Lenin's ear. The porn Lenin. Not the communist revolutionary Lenin from 100 years ago. It's important to be clear about these things. Coincidentally, the porn Lenin is trying to start a revolution too, though his is to get a million guys into fucking him. Every new gay dick makes a difference.

After the ear licking comes some mutual oral which they somehow figured out without rolling the dice again, then smooth eager Tex fucks the equally eager Lenin. All while hunky Peter Le watches and roots the guys on. So it's also a CMNM (clothed man naked men) moment too. Until Peter takes his shirt off, then it's HCMNM (half clothed man naked men). I studied sexual acronyms in college lavatories.

Watch Sex Dice and other episodes of The Asiancy at Peter Fever. If you're not sure what to do while you watch, consider writing the word "Jack" on ten different slips of paper, put them all in a hat, then pick one and do what it says.

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