Using A Big Lure Makes For A Hot Nocturnal Rendezvous Using A Big Lure Makes For A Hot Nocturnal Rendezvous

Adrien ADLX loves getting out and about at night to the local rest areas and gay pick-up locales to check out what's happening, and perhaps to pick up a hottie, or have anonymous sex with some random dude. So tonight, the French Dudes camera crew tag along and watch and film his technique for "luring" in the hot guys!

The scene starts off with Adrien sitting in his favourite spot, with his huge "lure" already rock-hard and out in the open, hopefully attracting the right sort of catch - and he doesn't have to wait long before super-hot hunk Alex Kiffeur shows up and gets down on his knees and starts to suck on Adrien's monster uncut cock (which has been reliably measured at 22cm guys!). Alex is an oral pro too, we watch in awe as he totally deep-throats Adrien's cock, which really is quite a feat! But Adrien wants more, and stands Alex up and gets him to drop his trousers and then bends him over. Then, while Alex worships and licks Adrian's Nike's, Adrien fingers and prepares the bottom-boy's arsehole for the ride of his life. Adrien enters Alex's tight hole in one full stroke, no slow fuck here guys, and Alex audibly grunts, groans and moans with the feeling of being filled so quickly. Adrien pumps his cock in and out of that hole while the cameras get some great penetration shots. Then Adrien moves Alex into the missionary position and continues to pound his hole while Alex jerks out his own cum load all over his pubes and abs. Finally Adrien stands up and jerks his own load all over Alex, covering his body with cum and leaving a real mess for Alex to clean up - and Alex loves it, but still gives Adrien the finger in mock protest!

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