JP Dubois: Take Two

GayDemon re-interviews JP Dubois

Welcome back! So much has happened since we interviewed you last in 2011. Give us a quick rundown of what's new?

Well hello there! Thanks for having me back on GayDemon. Well the last 4 years have been a hell of a ride, Sam Barclay and I started a new company and kept it a secret for 2 years before the launch of UK Hot Jocks and it's been a further 2 years since then. Needless to say I've poured all of my energy, time, creativity and skills into making something unique, highly polished and a site that any porn star would be proud to be featured on. But making the move to director/producer/studio owner doesn't mean I've retired from being the humble star, oh no! If anything I've gotten better, bigger and more selective whom I shoot for, mostly due to my time commitments to Hot Jocks. I still love starring in porn and don't plan to stop!

Last time you were interviewed by us you were described as "up and coming". Well you got it up and came, many times. What has been the highlight of your porn career?

I've been extremely fortunate to shoot for some of the best directors and with some amazing men in my time in the industry, so to pick specific highlights is a tough one. I loved shooting in the Gay of Thrones series. The attention to detail, costumes and action were all mindblowingly impressive. From a business point of view I'd have to go with the launch of my website. Getting to that point was so nerve wracking and when launch day came I almost pulled the whole thing as the pressure was just too much! But after that point and seeing how well our content has been received I'm so glad we've done it.

The inspiration came from a lack of something new in the UK industry. Sam and I wanted to create a home for guys like ourselves, young looking but muscular and defined. We found the alternatives were either twinks, bears, or older muscle, there was nothing that fitted our demographic.  

What underwear have you got on?

I've got on some blue and white Lonsdale briefs. We bought a bunch of new underwear for the studio wardrobe and although the they are a little 'chavvy' I thought they were cute, so I nabbed a pair for myself! They make my arse look fit *wink*

Back to being serious, what have you got planned in Pornland over the next few months?

I'm actually composing my responses to this interview on a flight to NYC right now. For a week of shooting and seeing friends. I'm taking a break as we've just finished producing the next HARDGEAR movie for UK Hot Jocks, which is our best yet and I really needed a break! When I get back to the UK we're blocking in the next movie and shooting more content for UK Naked Men, we (as a production house) have already shot a movie for them so it looks like it's leading on to more work.

There are some very noticeable changes over the 6 or 7 years of your porn career, body wise especially. What motivated you to become a muscled jock from being a cute twink?

Yeah it really has been that long! It's quite funny as I think a lot of the fans have seen me grow up a bit and change as the years have passed. I guess there are various reasons for my changes. I've always liked muscle guys and muscle guys tend to go for other muscle, so that was a big factor. The industry will always favour muscular guys and they have more/better options in terms of work. Also, I'd love to say it's because I love the gym and it's for health reasons... but frankly I just want to look sexy as fuck naked.

So you're a rubber fetishist, as per your Twitter. Awesome! What else really turns you on?

My list is invariably endless! I'm a big rubber boy as you know. I'm one of the small team of guys who organise the Manchester Rubbermen and it's events. We've created quite a cool and fun little community, all through the love of fetish. We're totally non profit and raise loads of money for charity, It's something I'm very proud of. Back to the kinks though! If you can sniff my Recon profile out that will pretty much tell you all. I like anything rough, nasty, aggressive, hard and wet *wink*

Who would you say has been the easiest person to work with over the years and why?

Oh wow, there have been so many great models who have passed through the studio doors and who I've worked with personally. I've got to mention Kayden Gray as he's never let me down, performs better than anyone I've met and happens to be a very good friend. We've also shot together and that was a very memorable scene! I can't not bring up Spencer Reed either, what a man! Probably one of my favourite ever scenes.

Let's talk a bit about your own site, UK Hot Jocks. What inspired you to start your own site?

Oh, we're getting to that now? Sorry, I think I've mentioned it in almost every answer up until this question! It's such a huge part of my life it's hard for it not to always be on my mind.

The inspiration came from a lack of something new in the UK industry. Sam and I wanted to create a home for guys like ourselves, young looking but muscular and defined. We found the alternatives were either twinks, bears, or older muscle, there was nothing that fitted our demographic. Also we were left uninspired by the content being produced in the UK, we wanted to try something new.

There's not a lot of guys in the UK in the porn industry. So how have you managed to successfully tie in the UK aspect with so many models from overseas?

You're right, and the ones who are UK based are often left under appreciated. The key is being flexible to travel. Studios very rarely pay for transatlantic flights so if you can get yourself out to the US or Europe respectively and you have good communication with the studios you want to work for you've much more chance of being able to make it on both sides of the pond. Also I think the U.K. Is the most multi-culturally diverse country in the world, we have a lot of options, even if that does mean flying in a foreign hottie now and again!

You're extraordinarily creative. What would you say is the most exciting part of being a director, as opposed to being in front of the camera?

Thanks for the compliment! I'd say the most exciting and satisfying thing about making something from start to finish, is seeing how it develops from an idea into a finished product. This latest movie we just wrapped all came from one image I saw of a graffiti'd sofa, then I drew a single rough sketch of a set idea... Which looks amazingly similar to what the end result was. From a scrappy piece of paper to polished, high end gay porn kink feature movie. That's pretty exciting.

Who is the sexiest model on your site? We don't want a politician's answer :)

Oh come on! You can't ask me that. I feel like they're all my mates as well as my models, I couldn't choose between them. That said, there is a certain UK Hot Jocks exclusive who's a big muscle, skin head, tattooed stud.. And a discovery of mine who's very much my type. That's also a hugely diplomatic answer as he doesn't do social media in any way, ha! *wink*

Who would you most like to shoot with next? Either directing or taking part in the scene?

I'm actually just about to, this week in fact! I'm shooting for a new studio that I haven't worked for before but a director who I know well and have shot for years ago when she produced for another studio. No names as I don't want to jinx it! Though I dropped a fairly massive clue in my answer there.

What is your most prized possession?

Whenever I'm asked a question like that I think of the things I'm grateful for, like my mind and intellect, my small group of friends or that I live in a nice part of the world. Though if you want to get all material I'd have to say my Guiseppi Zannotti trainers.. Or my ever growing collection of designer sunglasses!

Thinking back to studios you've worked with in particular, what's been the most and what's been the least successful venture?

I'd have to say Gay of Thrones again as it was such an amazing thing to be a part of, or my term as a Eurocreme exclusive here in the UK. Unsuccessfully? Well we've all done work we're not particularly proud of, I'm just fortunate that it was in the very early days of my career and it was under another name before I settled on JP... Good luck finding it!

What would you like to say to your fans at GayDemon?

Firstly, thanks for being a fan! I hope this interview gives you a little insight into what life is like for me and that you'll continue to follow my career as it evolves, I'm only just getting started!

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