Jerked Off And Milked Of Cum Jerked Off And Milked Of Cum

If you have ever been jerked off by a real master of cock play and cum edging, then you know how incredibly intense this session was for Travis at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs. The handsome and slightly hairy buff dude is ready to stroke the cum out of his dick, and he obviously knows he's gonna get some assistance too. His long cut cock is rock hard real quick, impressive and throbbing with the need to be stroked. He gets some help with that thing once his hands have been tied down - we can't have him being able to finish himself off too early when he's taken to the brink! He gets his cock worked over and over, right to the point of cumming with his balls pulling up and the helmet swelling, then left to calm down again... eventually it's all too much and the slightest touch of his cock is enough to have him throbbing and pumping out a massive hot load! He did it without permission though, so some intense cock play on his sensitive cummy helmet is needed to teach him not to do that again!

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