"It's a Good Thing I Wore My Hip Waders to this Warehouse." "It's a Good Thing I Wore My Hip Waders to this Warehouse."

I don't know where these skanky pigs live, but when this Cazzo Club scene opens, Carioca is showering in a dilapidated building, an abandoned warehouse off some kind. And this ripped hunk is rinsing off under a hole in the roof where water pours through. Wearing hip waders, Josh Rubens is standing knee deep in a large trough of dirty water. He watches the water from the make-shift shower dripping off Carioca's heavy-hanging cock, then when the hunk gives Josh an approving nod, he sloshes his way towards him.

Josh falls to his knees and gulps Carioca's beautifully big and curved cock. I would have waded through dirty water for that, too. Rubens bounces his throat on Carioca's meat and drives the hunk crazy. Even when Carioca pulls him off his dick and bends him over the table, Josh looks disappointed, like he would have been happy deep throating that for a while longer.

Rubens jockstrapped ass looks fetching as he's hunched over the table. Carioca teasingly rakes his hard-on through the bottom's ass crack getting him good and teased up. By the time Carioca slides his bone inside, Rubens is gagging for it good and proper. Rubens hikes his booted leg up on a box so Carioca can get his hard-on pushing in deep. And these dirty fuckers are just getting started.

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