Inside A German Techno Sex Club Orgy Inside A German Techno Sex Club Orgy

Erik Finnegan likes to frequent the club scene and this video from Cazzo Club shows what happens when he and his boyfriend Patrik Ekberg visit a Techno Dance Club in Germany. The Club is alive with music and lights and it is filled full of hot guys. There is an orgiastic atmosphere all-around, with many semi-naked men dancing together, most have their hard cocks out and some are even having their arseholes fucked by big dildos!

Our two young lovers enter the dimly light club and within minutes two hunks accost Erik near the toilets and roughly fuck him, one in his mouth, the other up his butt! They only take off his pants so that they can access his arsehole and he becomes the piece of meat in their fuck sandwich! They take turns at both ends, and once they are finished with him, Erik is left covered in their cum! Meanwhile, Erik's other half has been found by a naked and bald cum-pig who loves to suck young cock, and even tho Erik now wants to leave, Patrik is totally immersed in the blow job and continues to thrust his cock into the mouth of the guy kneeling before him. Eventually tho, it all gets too much and even Patrik must cum, and when he does he squirts his load all over the bald man's face and into his piggy mouth!

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